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How Much it Costs to Build a WordPress Site

As everyone knows, building a website is not free. While creating a regular WordPress site is free, if you want to have additional features and a more professional-looking site, you will need to spend some money.

It is difficult to give a concrete answer regarding how much building a WordPress site costs. The costs depend on many factors. The first thing that you will need to do is determine what your budget is. If you have a lot to spend, then you will be able to do more with your site. If not, then that does not mean that you will have a poor website; it just means that you might not be able to have certain features.

In this article, we will describe the plugins, software, and other features that are necessary in order to build a WordPress website, and estimates of the possible cost of building more professional websites versus lower budget websites.

What a WordPress Site Needs

The first thing that is important to know is that simply signing up for WordPress and having your own website there is completely free.

The bigger costs for making a WordPress site come from hosting, the domain name, the theme or design you choose, and extra plugins or extensions. Of course, the latter of the two also have free options, but the more advanced ones with extra features tend to come for a cost.

You will need to have a hosting site that will keep your files stored, and you will need to have a special name for your site. These come at completely different costs, so you will need to look around the Internet to find ones that suit your budget and your needs.

There are also free themes to choose from, however, once again, if you are looking for a theme that has a lot more features and that will be more advanced than an average theme, you might need to shell out some money, especially if you are looking to have a custom theme made for you.

And, of course, some other costs might come into play, such as if you want to hire an assistant to run your website for you, or if you will have an SSL certificate for your eCommerce site.

These are the core areas where you will be spending money for your WordPress site, either yearly or monthly. Based on this knowledge, you should be able to look at your budget and see what you can afford.

Now, let’s look in to approximate costs for both higher budget and lower budget sites.

Approximate Cost of High-Budget Sites

If you have a higher budget for building your site, then you have a lot more room to work with.

Some of the more professional and premium websites offering domain names and web hosting can be around $40 per year. For themes, you can spend as little as $15, or you can have someone customize your own theme for over $100. Some people even charge anywhere around $400.

It is possible that you will need to have an SSL certificate depending on several factors. Some SSL certificates can range anywhere between $50 and $200 yearly.

A lot of plugins also have free and premium options. The premium options will obviously allow for more features. Some great plugins include Yoast SEO (for WordPress SEO and ranking advancement, available in both free and premium forms), UpdraftPlus (a great way to backup your materials in case of an accident, also available both free and premium), and more.

If you plan to have an Ecommerce site, this will cost you some more, too.

Overall, assume that some of the more premium options for a WordPress site will cost you anywhere from $200 to thousands of dollars per year.

Approximate Cost of Low-Budget Sites

It is completely possible to build a WordPress site for under $100.

The cost of having a domain name is usually around $15 per year, and a web hosting site is usually around $8 per month. Some hosting sites offer free domain names once you sign up.

Other than that, most of the things you can do for your WordPress site won’t cost you anything. There are plenty of free Wordpress themes and templates for you to choose from that look professional and appealing. There are also thousands upon thousands of free plugins for you to install on your site. You will simply need to decide upon what your site needs and what would suit your site the best.

In total, you will only be spending between $40 and $100 yearly if you go with the lower budget option.

Other Necessary Advice

There are also some very important things to keep in mind with all of this.

  • Plan your budget before you do anything. This is extremely, extremely important. You need to scope out what you want your website to do and the options available for you. You do not want to go into building a WordPress site only to find that you cannot afford to have some of the features that you originally intended to have. There are many ongoing monthly and yearly costs involved with a website. Luckily, it is possible to build a website for under $100 if you cannot afford something with more features yet.
  • Start small. If this is the first time you are building a website, don’t immediately go for all the expensive plugins, themes, and everything else. What features are absolutely necessary for your site to have now? You need to install those- many of which are probably free. You don’t need to have some of the more advanced features yet. As your site grows, you can begin to install more advanced and savvy features.
  • Determine the kind of website you want to have. The things that an online forum needs are completely different from what an online store will need. Determining the kind of site you want to have will help you to avoid spending unnecessary money.
  • Determine whom you want to work for you. It is not impossible to do all of these things yourself, and in fact, many people go that route. But some want a professional to develop their site, or create themes for them, or monitor the more technical aspects of their website. If you choose to have a professional do all of this for you, you will need to keep their salary in mind as you budget your costs.

Overall, creating a WordPress website can demand a lot of planning. But if you think through everything carefully, you won’t end up spending too much money- and you will have a great-looking website as a result.