How to Add Live Chat to Your WordPress Site

Perhaps the best way to keep people engaged on your WordPress site is by making sure that you have some form of constant communication with them. People want to interact with you and have their questions answered in a timely matter. No one enjoys having to wait days or weeks for a response. And, not to mention, responding to your followers’ messages quickly also makes your website more attractive for search engines.

One of the best ways for you to be able to implement this is through including a live chat feature on your WordPress page. This will be especially useful if you’re providing some type of service or if you have an online store, although you can include live chats on any other site, too.

Why should you add a live chat feature? Once again, it’s one of the best ways for you to be able to interact with your site’s followers and readers so you can answer any questions that they might have. If people have the option of having their questions answered immediately, that’s what they’re going to strive to do. If you’re able to provide this type of immediate support to your followers, they’ll be more likely to continue following you and to purchase your products or otherwise make use out of what you have to offer.

If you were looking for ways to add the live chat feature to your site, you’ve come to the right place. Now, we will tell you how you can add this feature and enhance your website.

Important Stats

Before we continue, let’s talk about some more reasons why you should consider adding a live chat.

Think about the last time you have contacted a company for any issue. You probably know about the annoying elevator music that you are forced to listen to when you want to make a phone call, and you probably get disappointed and hang up after a few minutes. Your emails go unanswered for days. But live chats allow you to have the convenience of getting your questions answered as quickly as possible. According to some statistics, people are more satisfied with using live chats than any other form of communication with companies. 

We now live in an age where we are used to having the world at our fingertips at all times. This is why it is important to make sure that you aren’t keeping your customers waiting for too long when they ask you questions. Installing a live chat on your WordPress site is an almost guaranteed way of keeping your customers, bringing in new ones, and making your website more profitable and marketable.

Plugins for Adding Live Chat to WordPress

If you want to add this feature to your site, you will have to install a plugin. There are several plugins available that will allow you to install a live chat, but for the sake of this article, we will discuss two of them.

  • LiveChat: LiveChat is the most popular plugin for including live chats on WordPress. All you have to do is create an account, provide your site’s link and the reason for the live chat (support or sales), give some information about your business, and then customize your live chat to look the way you want it to. You can do this by going to the left side of the LiveChat account and selecting ‘Settings.’ If you want to include it on your WordPress site, you simply have to go to your Wordpress dashboard and install it through the Plugins tab.
    • Pricing: Signing up for LiveChat and installing the plugin are both free, but you will need to sign up for a paid subscription in order to use the site’s services. You can have a free trial for any of the services to see if it’s best for you.
      • Starter: This is best for those just starting out who may not have a large team and whose primary workplace is their home office. This will cost $16 per month.
      • Team: If you have an entire team, this is the option you will want to choose. It costs $33 per month.
      • Business: This is the most popular choice and it’s meant for larger companies that have an entire support division. This costs $50 per month.
      • Enterprise: This choice is for much larger, Fortune 500 companies. You will need to contact LiveChat directly for a quote if this option applies to you.
  • Pure Chat: Pure Chat is a fast and easy way for you to be able to communicate with your customers. It’s incredibly simple to install. All that you will need to do is sign up on the Pure Chat website. Then, go to your WordPress dashboard and select the ‘Plugins’ tab. Click on ‘add new’ and search for Pure Chat. Once you have the plugin installed and activated, it will appear on the left side, where you will simply have to turn the chat on. This is easy and it should only take a few minutes of your time. This plugin will work on a computer or your phone; it comes with a compatible app and set your status to ‘available.’ When you’re away, the chat will turn into an email so your customers will still have a way to communicate with you.
    • Pricing
      • Free: The free version is easily the most popular and it offers you so many features. You can use this for one website and have unlimited live chat features. You get transcripts and the ability to completely customize it the way you want. You also have the opportunity to include 3 operators. There is also a support team that can be reached at any time should you run into any difficulties.
      • Growth: If you feel the need to have more features, then you can choose the Growth option, which is $39 per month or $49 per year. You have everything that’s included with free plus 4 operators, analytics, no company logos, tracking for visitors, 100 text message notifications, and more.
      • Pro: There is also a pro version, which costs $79 per month or $99 per year. You have the option to include 10 users, include the live chat on an unlimited number of websites, and receive 1,000 text message notifications.