All You Need to Know About WooCommerce

You probably already know that making some sort of eCommerce site is one of the best ways to make money using WordPress. We outlined how you can make an eCommerce site in a previous article, where we also briefly mentioned the important plugin WooCommerce.

The purpose of this plugin is to help you turn your WordPress page into an online store. If you’ve been considering creating your own, then you’ve probably heard a lot about WooCommerce. A good portion of online stores- about 39 percent- are powered by WooCommerce. It adds special features to your site, including support for both physical and virtual products, support for multiple payment methods, shipping, taxes, and more.

In this article, we will outline the different features that WooCommerce provides users with and why you should consider using it to power your WordPress store.

Reasons Why You Should Use WooCommerce

  • It’s free. This fact alone is usually enough to convince people to use anything. There are no monthly fees involved or anything. You may choose to make some add-ons to the plugin that will cost you some money, but otherwise, WooCommerce and all of its features are completely free to use.
  • It’s secure and frequently updated. You never want to use sketchy plugins, and that certainly isn’t something you need to worry about here. It’s secure and constantly monitored by its parent company to make sure that it has all the necessary updates.
  • You don’t have to be a professional to use it. You don’t have to worry about hiring a software expert if you want to use this plugin. It’s totally easy to use and to figure out.
  • You can customize it as you want. There is no one way that your store needs to look. You will be able to choose between a variety of themes made available to you when creating your online store. This means that your store can look exactly the way that you envision it.
  • It works on mobile devices. This is a popular demand. Most people like to surf the web using their phones, so it’s mandatory that a lot of apps, websites, and more make their products mobile-friendly. That’s a feature WooCommerce has included with its plugin.

What You Can Do With WooCommerce

We’ve already established that WooCommerce is aplugin meant to support eCommerce stores, but you might be wondering about some of the different options that it has to offer.

  • You can sell any product you’d like. Whether this be physical products that you have to ship out or digital ones, WooCommerce has the right software to support them all. And the best part is that you can include as many products in your store as you want to.
  • You can customize where you want your products to be shipped. You can choose between different options for shipping and place restrictions on certain locations.
  • You can change the currency and the language of your store.
  • You can include reviews. Reviews are what help people to determine which products they want to purchase. If you allow customers to post reviews on the different products that they bought from you, it can be a further incentive for others to purchase the same products, too.
  • You can customize payment methods. There are plenty of different options nowadays for how payments can be processed. You can choose to make your site compatible with PayPal, Stripe, and other online wallets, as well as regular bank transfer, debit and credit cards, and more.
  • And more. There are an unbelievable number of features that you can find on the WooCommerce plugin that you likely won’t be able to find using some of the other eCommerce options on the market. This is what makes WooCommerce one of the most popular eCommerce plugins out there.

How to Get WooCommerce

Installing the WooCommerce plugin to your Wordpress page is incredibly easy, which also makes it one of the most attractive and popular choices for people building eCommerce sites.

All that you will need is a domain name, a hosting provider, and a WordPress site. We’ve gone into more detail about what these are and how you can get each of them, so be sure to check out our corresponding articles to each topic. We have also outlined the costs for each and determined the approximate cost of building a WordPress site.

Now that that’s done, you simply need to install the WooCommerce plugin. If you’ve ever installed plugins before, then you already know how to do this. Click on the “Plugins” option and then go to “Add New.” Type “WooCommerce” into the search bar, then select “Install Now” and “Activate.”

The next step involves setting up the site. You’ll need to input the address of your shop, the currency that you plan on using, as well as what kinds of products you want to sell. You can also filter through payment options, where and how you want shipping to take place, and any extra features you’ll want to add.

  • Payment options
    • There is a lot you can do in terms of payment. The most common is PayPal, of course, but if your intention is to have your page set up for an international audience, it’s important to keep in mind that PayPal might not work in some countries. There’s also Stripe, which is similar to PayPal, as well as regular bank transfers and other online wallets.

Once you’re done setting up the WooCommerce plugin, you’ll need to give your site a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce. This is easy to do and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Adding Products

The way to add products is simple and is very similar to how you’d add pages or posts. You’ll simply need to have the name of your product, some type of description (we highly recommend making this as detailed as possible, which will appeal to your customers), images (WooCommerce allows you to add as many as you want), and other crucial information.

Extra Features

One of the things that makes WooCommerce so popular is the fact that it offers so many different options for how you can customize your site.

For example, you may choose to allow customers to filter through your products in accordance with their attributes to make their shopping experience a lot easier. This may be based on color, size, style, and more.

There are also extensions available with the plugin where people can subscribe to your store or where you can install a live chat button on your page to increase its credibility. People will be able to contact you or members of your team easily, which means that they’re more likely to purchase your products.

There are lots of different things that WooCommerce has to offer you. It’s a good idea to take a look around and find what appeals to you and what will suit your store the best.