WordPress is one of the biggest blogging sites on the Internet, powering millions and millions of sites all over the web. More and more people are beginning to use WordPress to build their websites. However, there is a lot that goes in to building a WordPress site, and a lot that one can do in order to make their website as successful as possible. It’s hard to be able to know all of this from the moment you open wordpress.com to create your website, and along the way, you might come across some issues that you don’t know the solution for.

That’s why we’re here. Less than a year ago, we built this website, WPGainers, in order to help people all over the world learn the ins and outs of building a WordPress blog. Nobody expects you to know it all right away, and that’s why we want to help you. Whether it’s covering the basics such as selecting a theme, or whether it’s getting in to more in-depth topics such as how to include a calendar on your site or what an SSL certificate is, we are prepared to give you all the advice we can to make your WordPress site the best that it can be.